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Francisco villanueva



Time for a radical change of perspective:
Trust makes you creative, happy and successful.

I'm Francisco Villanueva. I am a speaker, systemic coach and studied psychology. But blindness has been my greatest mentor since I was 18.

After being blind for over twenty years, most expect significantly better hearing, much more tactile sensitivity, and a terrific memory. For me, however, it is above all trust that I have come to know in a completely new way and experience it as by far the greatest gift of blindness. But it was only in the Amazon jungle in 2012 that I really experienced and understood what concrete effects real blind trust has on my motivation, on my physical and cognitive abilities, on my relationships - basically on my life!

There I found answers to the questions that also move us in our everyday jungle, and suddenly – as if a switch had been flipped – I was able to move safely in the outer jungle.

With the method Interactive mapping, which emerged from this and which I continue to develop to this day, I have since led both executives and people with more private questions to their genuine blind trust - across Europe.


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