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This format focuses on inspiration and entertainment. Through anecdotes, a change of perspective and the basics of my method, I gradually lead to the principle of blind trust. In doing so, I provide targeted impulses that will influence you in your professional and private everyday life far beyond the lecture.

How can you find your way blindly in the everyday jungle? Rediscover your own leading and being led. Experience borderline situations and obstacles differently than before and benefit from the hidden potential of your insecurities.


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Trust is the basis and the center of my work! I fundamentally differentiate between two types: On the one hand, there is the form of trust that develops over time, through sustained positive social interactions. This is a very important part of our everyday life and is of course also very important for my work.
My focus, however, is a second, much less well-known approach: you can activate trust right here and now! We can, albeit to different degrees, choose to trust at any time.
While the first approach is a kind of natural trust evolution, enabling trust represents a trust revolution!

 - How much do you trust yourself, your environment and life?

- Are you already using the potential of insecurity or are you still afraid of losing control?

- Do you bravely pursue your goal even if you can't see the way to get there?



To this day, blindness presents itself to me as an extremely strict and fascinating teacher at the same time. I also know how much blind is a way of seeing, a real and great gift, because I also know “normal” seeing. I also saw the first 18 years of my life visually perfectly - so I know both perspectives very well. How blindness can open your eyes, how it makes the difference, and what encounters and events led to these visions is too precious for me to withhold even one of these stories from you...



And she's hilarious too, Miss Blindness. In such a visual world, it almost inevitably tears us out of our cherished and mostly unconscious routines and habits and demands a rethink, often of a radical and sudden nature. The most absurd breaking edges often appear in the process. I'll tell you about examples that we will frown at together, that will make us smile and maybe even laugh heartily.

Entertaining you well with a keynote is a matter of honor for me. At the same time, genuine joy and laughter that comes from the gut have the healing quality of dissolving fear and mistrust into pure pleasure.


Till Grushe,
House of Beautiful Business

"As a speaker, Francisco is a masterful storyteller. He gave the closing keynote at the Hans & Marie festival 2019 in Berlin that we helped bring to life. Francisco was able to capture the attention of our audience from the first moment he walked on stage , and he took everybody in the room on an imaginative journey with nothing but words that touched hearts and minds. It was the perfect inspirational and emotional ending."

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