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Whether in five individual sessions and thus more in a tough training format or over five full months and thus as a much deeper coaching format - a clearly defined 1-to-1 setting creates the most individual form of achieving your very personal goals really and concretely. As if on the side, you activate your trust in yourself, in others, in your life in general - and in all of this even in trust itself. Online, can be combined with personal meetings if desired. The coaching offer is very limited.


If you are interested, just send me an email and we will set up a free preliminary talk.


The workshop focuses on concrete experience and direct application of the blind trust principle in contact and exchange with others.Whether on a smaller or a larger scale, whether in the private context of personal development or as part of further training or company celebrations: workshops always offer a very elegant and memorable opportunity to deepen and celebrate values together.

In terms of content, it is mostly about motivation, communication, a change of perspective - about achieving your goal with confidence and again and again about how you can activate your trust permanently and in a concrete way. Cognitive inputs, exercises in the dark and in the light as well as a lot of exchange among each other harmoniously fit together.



In contrast to lectures, which are more about one-sided impulses, workshops and coaching are much more interactive. The interaction is not just limited to other participants and me, but also refers to the different parts of yourself. We take a close look at all these forms of relationships and how we deal with them - always with the focus on it to give you perspectives and techniques that you can use effectively in the future when dealing with your goals and the resulting uncertainties.


If it should be pure and individual, there is hardly a way around coaching. Undivided attention for you, your concerns and your very personal circumstances. This is crowned by tailor-made tools that are then available to you in your everyday life.

Similarly individual and tailor-made workshops are adapted and carried out to the goals and circumstances of your company. What coaching is for individuals, the workshop is for groups - feel free to ask me without obligation.

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