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trust mastermind


This format gives you all the confidence-steps to reach your personal goals.


A kind of best of my keynotes, coaching and workshops for those who can and want to get involved in 13 weekly online meetings with me and others. This format provides you with all the confidence steps to achieve your personal goals.
In the three-month online web class, you will learn how to activate trust, how to define your goals and how to actually achieve them thanks to the support of a community of like-minded people.

Powerful impulses and exchange on the topics of mindfulness and trust will help you to set the right priorities. Away from problem focus to solution orientation: This is where trust and success routines develop - and at an unbeatable price!

This is what the master class offers you:

Phase 1 (Week 1-3): Goal Focus

Phase 2 (Week 4-6): Activation of your self-confidence

Phase 3 (Week 7-9): Activating your trust in others

Phase 4 (Week 10-12): Activation of your basic trust

Phase 5 (Week 13-14): Integration into your daily routines

The first meeting of each phase consists of a short presentation and some impulses that introduce the respective level of trust and its special features. The further meetings of the respective phase serve on the one hand to clarify open questions and on the other hand to deepen and strengthen one's own trust - and success routines. These meetings are more community-oriented and are increasingly self-organized.

By the way, I also use this format as a basis and template for the systematic building of trust in companies that are interested in more mindfulness and trust as central values of their culture and philosophy. So if you run a company yourself or if you, as an employee, would like to have more active trust in your company, please ask me for a non-binding offer.



Niv Nucht,
Courage Coach for Career Happiness & Consultant

I found both Francisco's way of working as a coach and the format of the support great.  

I know from my own experience that it makes sense to be accompanied over a longer period of time. 

Francisco's style, attitude, approach and know-how immediately convinced me. 

Robert Moeckel,
Wholehearted Leadership Coach

What is most valuable to me are the deep relationships I have built with inspiring like-minded people during the Mastermind and which I have carried with me beyond the program into my professional and private life.
Francisco knows how to invite people into a trusting, honest and appreciative space in which professional and private transformation becomes possible through his skilful leadership and mutual support.


Yair Kira,

product designer and visual artist

It was also very powerful to share our successes in the group and feel how infectious success can be. Francisco, as a very dedicated coach and facilitator, created a room for us where we could stay very focused on the professional topics and at the same time very connected on the personal level.

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