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TRUST in Relationship



IN A training

you will experience how to

Activate the 5 principles of trust

Create your couples trust routine

Use powerful and simple tools

Take more risks while maximizing safety

Come back to joy, intimacy and connection

Training starts February 20th
at 19.00 GMT +1 (sundays 19.00-20.00)

take a look

at what we got in store
for you



chances are that Some kind of TRUSTis still missing in yourelationship

You are probably in a beautiful relationship, love your partner and value what you have. In the beginning, everything was easy and magical, but as time moves on you begin to hurt each other, slowly you begin to protect yourself and avoid pain and vulnerability and while it doesn't hurt that much anymore, you don't feel the excitement and intimacy from before. 

And these questions have probably crossed your mind



 But the thought of enrolling makes you worry whether your partner would be up for it (maybe even feel offended by it!), if you'll be comfortable working in a group of strangers, if a three-month training is too much of a Commitment and lastly, whether Johanna and Francisco are the right ones for this journey?

How can it be

that it is surprisingly easy to commit 40 hours each week working for a stranger or a boss,but committing just one hour per weekfor the love in our relationship might seem like a too big OF A COMMITMENT?

It only takes one hour every week for three months of commitment to embody the teachings of this training and apply them in a way that changes your life.

With collective learning, accountability, and mutual support through the presence of everyone attending the training, you'll get far greater takeaways and insights than you ever would alone. In just 13 weeks with us, you and your partner will feel the difference that trust can bring in your life. 

Get ready
to take one step closer to what youreally wantand invite trust intoyour life!

Hey there

We are Francisco and Johanna


You can call us your teachers mentors or friends and we are here to inspire you and to create a safe container where we will go on this trust journey together. Over the next 13 weeks, we will dedicate our time, knowledge and experience - and our mind and hearts - to helping you and your partner unlock the true treasures of trust.

Franciscois the founder of Villa Nueva, a renowned keynote speaker, coach, book author and expert consulted for helping leaders, coaches and couples to implement active trust. Francisco is known for his charismatic presence, has studied psychology, specialized in the systemic approach and has extensive training in embodiment practices and mindfulness. Francisco became blind at the age of 18 and considers his blindness as the greatest inspiration for his work with trust.

Johannais a passionate embodiment practitioner with experience in trauma work and group work. She has a deep expertise in the fields of psychiatry and social work and an academic background in anthropology and dance. Johanna impresses with her groundedness, non-judgmental and compassionate way to connect and with her open-hearted joyful laughter.


With an inspiring yet wild journey over the last years as lovers and colleagues,this work and tools has been invaluable for us to navigate our own challenges around trust. This training is a unique composition that will help you find your way back when you are lost. All you have to do is commit!

we have so much in store for  you


modules 1

Activate trust in your vision

Ever felt like your life's going nowhere? Chances are, you're just going with the flow without any vision or intention. In this 3-week module, you learn to create a common vision as a couple and learn to work towards what you truly want in life.

Connect to the excitement and vulnerability of what you want

Focus on what you want as a couple

Build mutual accountability

modules 2

Activate trust in your vision

Activate trust in yourself

This module focuses on shifting perspective, identifying and activating the resources that the two of you have individually and as a couple. The results? You feel stronger in your relationship as its own entity and stronger individually.

Switch focus from your lacks to your resources

Feel the strength and potential of boundaries 

Build greater appreciation of each other

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modules 3

Activate trust in INsecurities

Often we run away from our insecurities or we try to fight them. In this module, we set you free from the grips of insecurities by holding it and by shifting the understanding to something that is useful, exciting, even enjoyable. After this, you'll never see insecurities the same way again!

Learn to identify your biggest insecurities

Discover your mechanisms of psychological projection

Learn to enjoy and celebrate insecurities

modules 4

Do you experience challenges in your relationship that seems too big to ever change? In this module we will learn to zoom out and see the challenges of our relationship from a bigger perspective.

Develop trauma awareness

Find gratitude towards the circumstances of our lives

Create resource orientation pro

Activate trust in the circumstances of life

modules 5

Celebrate your success

Make your learning accessible through integration

Co-create trust with your social field

Activate trust into success

How often do you catch yourself surpassing a goal only to not even notice it or feel a sense of accomplishment? This module calls your attention to acknowledge, celebrate and integrate your success in life and to empower you to be a co-creator. 


The best of the online and the offline world: Participate from wherever you are in the world while you will always be in a small offline cluster with your partner. 

A combination of lectures, workshops and exchanges give you a far deeper understanding of not only what trust is, but what having true trust actually feels like.

Top-down approach—here we focus on reinforcing trust through changing our mindset.

Bottom-up approach—these sessions use physical practices and reinforce trust on a somatic level.

Top-down approach—here we focus on reinforcing trust through changing our mindset.

Bottom-up approach—these sessions use physical practices and reinforce trust on a somatic level.

Post-training success—you carry these lessons for life. Of course, challenges will come your way and some problems might even still be the same, but with a higher understanding and effective tools you might even enjoy them

By the end of the 13 weeks, you'll be able to

CREATE AND KEEP TRUST ROUTINES:Implement special routines as a couple that helps build trust, remove apprehension, and reinforce a feeling of safety and excitement.

EXPERIENCE THE GIFT OF COMMUNITY:Look behind the curtains and learn from the unique connection and challenges of other couples and navigate through obstacles as a community of support and trust. 

BUILD A STRONGER CONNECTION:Through different activities, you create a safe, loving relationship with your partner and bond deeper on a physical, emotional and mental level.

REGULATE YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM:Learn to use physical tools and trustful communication so that you react to critical situations in life differently.

EXPERIENCE THE 5 PRINCIPLES OF TRUST:Get inspired by radical new approaches to trust.


“The workshop series had and still has a prominent impact on my relationship! The effects were that we as a couple continued to deepen conversations about our common vision, our triggers and our desires & fears. We benefited from the safe space that was created with diligence, warmth and appreciation, we could experience each other in vulnerable ways and seek growth within insecurity.

Johanna and Francisco created and held this space over such a long period of time and I am deeply grateful for this experience. May further beings embark on this journey with these loving and kind facilitators!”

John Lack


Are you in good shape?

If you have struggled to build trust, worry about growing differences between you and your partner, if you feel a lack of intimacy or want to build a stronger relationship, you are a good fit.

Can I participate without a partner?

No, this training is designed for couples. We are planning to create a training for people who are not in a relationship - if this is something that interests you, please reach out to us.

Is it necessary to have my partner in the same room?

Yes, it is highly recommended! If your partner is unable to attend occasional sessions, you are still invited to come alone and we have solutions. 

What if I can't join a meeting?

It is important that you are able and willing to participate in all 13 sessions. You will get the most out of it, but also support and motivate others through that. The success of everyone depends on your commitment. But of course things can get in the way and you might miss single sessions. We will record every session which will be accessible to you for two weeks. 

My partner speaks better English than me and I feel insecure doing such a training in English?

Johanna also speaks much better English than Francisco, which is an opportunity for Francisco to dive into his insecurity. If you were able to read and understand what is written until here, your English is good enough

How much time do I need to invest each week?

The course is spread through 13 weeks with just 1 hour per week. You are, of course, invited to let this inspire the time between the sessions… and you will get some reminders and trust snacks as little gifts and on top!

What do I need to get the most out of this training?

As long as you are motivated and make sure that your part of the technique is working, we'll take care of the rest

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