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peter pan experiment 2023

Vision, relationship and self-confidence - a 6 week online workshop

”We are all an arrow that wants to fly towards love and connection. Our vision is our eye, our way to see clearly and focus on what we really want. Our relationships are the bow, the home in which the arrow becomes an arrow, and not just a piece of wood. And our self-confidence is our bicep, the muscle with which we create the tension that every arrow needs to fly.”

Statue of Peter Pan and a girl climbing the Statue

For me, Peter Pan symbolizes the wild, free, light part in me, that has not yet learned that I can't fly. In the same time, Peter Pan confronts his enemies, flies away when he has too much and allows himself to struggle even quite intensely sometimes. Together with you I want to explore how we can strengthen the Peter Pan inside of us, and how much freedom, wildness and lightness that can emerge when we drop deeper into trust by actively working on our vision, our self-confidence and our relationships.

As the Peter Pan in us also lives in grown up bodies - that have wounds and have been told that they cannot fly - I also call the Peter Pan experiment a Peter Pan Academy: a place where there will be understanding for the mind and concrete tools with which we can open again our eyes, polish our bow and train our bicep

I felt more self-confident, wiser and enriched

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Every time a circle ended, I felt more self-confident, wiser and enriched with new inspiring people around me as colleagues and friends. Thank you Francisco


So with this I am inviting you to this guided intensive 6-week online workshop, where we will drop into the dance between our vision, our self-confidence and our relationships.

Together we will reconnect to our visions, and use our relationships as sharp mirrors for what we really want and how we confidently can go forward towards that.

Change takes time and constant practice. This 6 weeks is a beginning, a taste of what this can look like. If there is interest afterwards, I will continue this training longer until the beginning of January 2024. I will then include more life topics, for example business, the beauty of diversity and the positive impact of trauma awareness on our general trust.

The workshop series had and still has a prominent impact on my relationship!

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The workshop series had and still has a prominent impact on my relationship! The effects were that we as a couple continued to deepen conversations about our common vision, our triggers and our desires & fears. We benefited from the safe space that was created with diligence, warmth and appreciation, we could experience each other in vulnerable ways and seek growth within insecurity.

You created and held this space over such a long period of time and I am deeply grateful for this experience. May further beings embark on this journey with these loving and kind facilitators!


Girl on the Mountain wearing a Poncho, Hiking, symbolising Freedom

But who am I?

I am Francisco, and I learned a lot about my biggest passion “trust” through my studies in the university - in systemic psychology and also through several trainings in trauma work.But my biggest teacher has been, and continues to be, my blindness.

I became blind at the age of 18 and for me, my blindness is not just the toughest teacher, but also a lot of fun, and the biggest gift I can just imagine.

...And when talking about blindspots and gifts the other very big teacher is: my relationships! Our relationships are our biggest mirrors for coming in connection with our own blind spots, the parts of ourselves that we have rejected and pushed away. For me every single relationship is a big gift - even though they very often don't feel like that at all.

Francisco Villamnueva, Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach

He took everybody in the room on an imaginative journey with nothing but words that touched hearts and minds. 

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As a speaker, Francisco is a masterful storyteller. He gave the closing keynote at the Hans & Marie festival in Berlin that we helped bring to life. Francisco was able to capture the attention of our audience from the first moment he walked on stage, and he took everybody into the room on an imaginative journey with nothing but words that touched hearts and minds. It was the perfect inspirational and emotional ending.

Till, from Hans & Marie

Hans und Marie

"emotional wounds happen in connection, so does healing"

Francisco Villanueva, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Coach

This workshop was born from years of deep work with companies, groups, couples and individuals, as much as with myself.
Trust always made the difference - for me, and all the others I worked with.
For me, trust needs two things:
On the one hand the clear commitment to a bigger vision, and to follow that, step by step by step.
On the other hand, very practical and concrete tools that keep us on that path or back to it once we lost it.

For me the paradigm change is about learning how we can feel safe among others - rather than what others have to do in order for us to feel safe among them.
I can't wait to share this views and gifts with you and to continue to learn through seeing our world through your eyes and walking some miles in your shoes
Do you feel ready to find out how to create more trust in connection? Let's dive in together!

Francisco understands how to invite people into a trusting, honest and appreciative space

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Francisco understands how to invite people into a trusting, honest and appreciative space where professional and personal transformation becomes possible through his skillful guidance and mutual support.


What to expect during this one and a half months

Weekly online meetings via zoom with Francisco and the other participants.

As a complement to the sessions, you will receive exclusive podcasts episodes, where Francisco goes deeper into the topics we are exploring together. The podcast episodes will help you to get a deeper experience of trust, for example by creating a trust morning routine. You will also learn a systemical technique to activate trust in yourself and more. It will be a step-by-step guidance in this blind medium - in a podcast we are all blind.

Professional group coaching, where you can find guidance in your personal challenges that emerges along the way.

Connect and dive deeper with the other participants that are sharing the journey with you. They will be your mirrors, your support and your accountability buddies. Support others and be supported in a special Whatsapp group.

In these workshops I really learned a lot about myself, about listening to my body again and about taking care of myself.
Francisco has a lot of knowledge and experience about topics like trauma work or meditation methods and he is really generous when it comes to sharing this knowledge.

I can recommend Francisco as a host to anyone who is open for a new and great experience, who wants to learn something about themselves and who enjoys the company of a really funny and grateful man


I can recommend Francisco as a host to anyone who enjoys the company of a really funny and grateful man

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During the workshop, as a bonus, you will be able to participate for free in our weekly online Blind Forums.

Blind forum is an innovative communication tool where we can show ourselves and meet others really authentically. It combines embodiement approaches to land and stay in our bodies, with two sharing sequences where we are invited to share honestly and vulnerably while other witness and mirror us there.The goal is to create trust, belonging and healing in the connection with ourselves and others .

Time schedule

Weekly meetings every Wednesday 7:00-8:30 PM CET,

with the first session starting on Wednesday the 26th of April and the last session on Wednesday the 31th of May


First week

How to change your perspective on your relationships and how to distill your real vision out of this perspective.

second week

fourth week

fifth week

Self-confidence: how to activate trust in yourself and how to keep it alive

sixth week

Integration/ Celebration/ Self-guided Mastermind meeting

You opened a space of fluid aliveness and compassion during the whole sessions.

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You opened a space of fluid aliveness and compassion during the whole sessions. I was sure to be part of a safe and to the same extent exciting journey.

I learned to fully trust my intuition, to listen softer and longer, to give myself and my partner more time to express and feel, reflect and connect.

Again - a safe space - to explore in a playful way, powerful tools of comprehension, release, and connection.

From the depths of my heart, may I thank you.


Integration/self-guided mastermind meeting. At the Mastermind meetings you can expect a moderate support for the challenges that come up for you along the way. With my support you will effectively support each other in these topics.

third week

How to embody your vision and how to integrate it into your daily life

"Public" live 1-1 coaching

Are you interested?

Huge Title

How can i

Do you want more?Directly after this workshop you can continue with an 8 months training until next January. The structure will be similar - the effect quite different:

A 6 week workshop can really change perspectives and start new habits.

If you want trust to become your daily habit and if you want to deepen trust in all important areas of your life sustainably, this training might be the perfect continuation for you.


Trust is a muscle and nopeds regular stimulation!


If you participate in the 8 months training, your 6 weeks workshop will have been for free.
If this sounds appealing to you then keep your wednesday evenings free, more I
Information on the training will be published soon

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